Ergonomic Household Bin

The Brief - The Solution - Additional Images


Any branding shown by the project on this page has been produced by me purely to adhere to the requirements for this project set for me by Bournemouth University. There is no official affiliation between this project and any brand or registered trademark.

Open brief - design for need project, find a problem and design a solution. Create a presentation board and a general assembly drawing of the product.

As a group we decided, after a lot of research and discussion, that we wanted to design a household waste bin to help people who may struggle to remove a heavy full bin bag. The target market would include the elderly, children and also anyone with a medical condition that may cause them to struggle lifting.

As the very first project I received after starting at university, this project taught me a lot, not only about the design process, but also designing within a team, learning from others and teaching others.

The Solution

We decided that an easier motion than lifting would be pulling, and therefore we came up with a design that allows the front portion of the bin body to open and allow the bag to be pulled out.

After settling on the general function of the product, each of us went away to do more research and sketch up concepts of possible solutions. Afterwards we had a meeting to go through everyone's solutions and through discussion narrowed down the concepts, until eventually we had a solution that everyone agreed with.

The next process was to design in more detail the main mechanism that the front doors would use, we decided that in order to conserve space, we'd design a set of telescopic doors that would slide in on themselves and then swing out, to minimise the amount of space required around the bin.

Finally, we started to design our presentation boards. I was chosen in the group to provide hand drawn renders of our design for use on the boards. At that point I had never used Solidworks before, therefore hand drawn designs were the best option to provide the highest quality work I could, at the time. The example images below with the blue, hand drawn bin, are drawings that I produced.

Overall, we were all very please with the design we came up with, and felt that it fit the original brief we set ourselves quite well.

The Redesign

Nearing the end of the second year on my course, I was tasked with picking a previous project I had worked on and redesigning the presentation board.

I decided to revisit the very first project I had worked on at university.

My reasoning for this was that I wanted to show how far I had come in 2 years, by being able to compare my very first, hand drawn, presentation board with a new presentation board with the design modelled in Solidworks and rendered using Photoview360.

The images below with the red bin are of my redesign using Solidworks and Photoshop.

Additional Images

Original, hand drawn presentation board

Original, hand drawn presentation board

Redesigned presentation board - modelled in Solidworks, edited in Photoshop

Redesigned presentation board - modelled in Solidworks, edited in Photoshop

Bin modelled in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot

Bin modelled in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot